Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On Vacation - Cottage Weekend!

Hey everyone! Sorry about the hiatus again - I had last week off from work, so Tim and I were busy gallivanting around the countryside. Once we got back, I was just a little overwhelmed by the number of pictures we took! But I've got a lot of them downloaded and sorted out now, so be prepared to be jealous of our amazing week.

Sunset on Kasshabog Lake

Dean and Wendy rented a cottage through Tim's last week of teaching and my last week before holidays. Luckily they found one within a half hour's drive of Lakefield on Kasshabog Lake, so Tim and I were able to go up Thursday night after his last day and I just went to work Friday from there. For future reference, one should NEVER drive behind Tim on cottage roads. Everything was so dry and he kicks up a huge dust cloud. My black car is now a dull shade of dingy charcoal. (Still, actually, since I haven't taken the time to wash it since we got back.)

Wendy and Dean enjoying some lakeside sun.

God, I love this face. 

A comparison:

Exhibit A: Rollwagen, Tim - A Tutorial

Exhibit B: Rollwagen, Dean - A Tutorial

Please notice the similarities in hand gestures here - classic Rollwagen Tutorial demonstration. Any time they break this out, feel free to let your mind wander while occasionally nodding and making interested noises. A Rollwagen Tutorial can cover many areas, however, perhaps even one you're interested in. Examples include how to cook something, how to build something, how to properly complete some feat of outdoorsmanship. The list could go on and on. 

Chris and Tim sitting lakeside

Thursday night was fairly low key. There was a lot of dock sitting and dock drinking. Some swimming and paddleboating. I went to bed early because I had to get up for work. Tim, Chris, Matt, and Teri all stayed up late around the fire drinking. 

How many Rollwagen men does it take to barbeque? Depends on how many are there. If one, then one. If four, then all four. 

Delicious results - ribs and steak!

Friday night, being our last night there, was a bit more hectic. Tim's friend Hugh had stopped over with his gorgeous pontoon boat to take us on a tour of the lake. He grew up with a cottage here and had lots of interesting stories about the various cottages and the lake itself. There were squatters and shipwrecks, islands for burning and islands with cottages that languished with never a visit from the owners. There were huge mansions and tiny little backwoods shacks. It was also interesting that we were able to see dust sheets across the water from the mine on the north shore of the lake. I originally thought it was mist on the water. Apparently the mine operator is supposed to water down the area, but it's just been so dry. Having worked for a roads department back in Georgian Bluffs (ah, the good ol' days), I know just how hard it is to keep that dust down in hot weather.

On the pontoon boat with Hugh - constant entertainment!

Jumping rock - Tim's daring dive!

Hugh showing the young boys how it's done.

Matt looking a bit like Peter Pan fluttering down.

And finally Chris doing a 50s style snorkelling dance while jumping.

Matt wasn't quite ready to leave after the high rock, so he found a lower rock to jump off of as well - love the shadow! Great form!

Ah, cottage life . . . 

I found this crazy mushroom growing right next to the cottage. It had pushed through the moss underneath a big pine tree. I must have cuaght it at the perfect time, though, because by Saturday morning it had blown out and wasn't this beautiful yellow colour at all. I'm still waiting for Drew Monkman to identify it for me. 

Tim, Chris, and I took the (insanely rickety) boat out fishing Friday night at dusk. I caught a couple of fish right away and then gave it up in favour of taking pictures of the boys. 

This fish's eyes were bigger than it's stomach. Or it's entire body.

Going fast!

Sun goes down, mosquitoes come out. 

Fishing by the light of the moon.

He's got one! I bet it's a rock bass. 

It's a rock bass.

Sad face - only rock bass all night for Chris.

Happy face! Tim wouldn't care even if he was only catching rock bass. It would still be the best thing EVER!

We had to pack up and leave Saturday, so Tim and I got an early morning start by jumping in the lake. The water was cool in the best possible way. We spent the rest of the day lazing around, fishing, paddleboating. Tim and I even found a big patch of wild blueberries that were actually ripe. It's so early in the season for late - probably about three to four weeks before they should be edible.

I predict a good part of Tim's summer off will be spent doing exactly this.

Tim's cottage feet. Ewww.

The boys also had to spend a portion of the day diving for Matt's sunglasses, which fell off when he jumped in the water. Surprisingly, he actually did manage to retrieve them, with the help of the neighbour's ultra-stylish goggles.

Matt in goggles! 

Matt's diving feet.

Tim getting ready for his attempt.

So, so special. 

Matt and Teri - so cute!

Finally to wrap up the day, Tim and I took a last spin around the lake. Tim wanted me to sit next to him, but I was terrified of the boat - with no weight at the front it felt like we were almost vertical and had no stability at all. While that might be Tim's idea of a good time, it is not mine.

Made for cottaging!

This weekend was the perfect start to our summer vacation. Thanks to Dean and Wendy for inviting us to come stay with them for a few days!

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