Thursday, 8 November 2012

Must Buy Album: Tristan Prettyman's Cedar + Gold

Go out and buy this album now. Or just do what I do and download it on iTunes. But pay for it. Because Tristan Prettyman is amazing and this album is just so great. I've had it since Thanksgiving and have listened to it at least once a day, probably more than that. It's more of a break up album than anything, but you don't have to be in that mindset to appreciate it.

My interpretation of the songs:

1. When You Come Down

Poppy. The fighting you do in a relationship where you love them but it seems like it's falling apart. An upbeat take on a very real problem. Trying to figure out if the relationship can ever work with as hard as it is. 

"So it's no wonder my love goes on and on - you were always easy for me. And it's no wonder I knew all along."

2. Unconditionally

Blues/folk. Not entirely sure what's going on here. It's about loving someone unconditionally, but I feel like either he's trying to leave the relationship or isn't sure about getting into it. Whatever, it's gorgeous, I love her voice.

"Like family, like coming home, like forever no matter where you go."

3. Second Chance

Extremely catchy. Bitter breakup song. Going on my repertoire of break up songs, even though I hope NEVER EVER (Taylor Swift) to break up again. 

"If you think that we could be friends, you need to learn how to be a good friend first."

4. Say Anything

A little more melancholy. Breaking up with someone because you need to, because it's best for both of you. But it still hurts everyone involved. 

"I would tell you that I love you even when it didn't show. I would tell you that I love you, baby - by now I hope you know."

5. The Rebound

Hilarious song. I love this. We've all been there. Or maybe we haven't, but I have. Rebound!! A little shocking, but in a great, in your face kind of way. Lots of cliched, amusing lines. Just a funny song. 

"Gotta knock it off, gotta go to bed. You and your banana stuck in my head."

6. Quit You

I was really hoping this song said "Shake weight break it or quit you." Because anything with a shake weight in it is funny. But no dice. Probably better, since it wouldn't make any sense, considering the song is about being in love with someone who doesn't seem to love you back and not being able to stop.

"But I've never loved the way I love you and I don't think my heart has ever been so true."

7. Never Say Never

One of the prettier songs on the album. The background vocals are just so gorgeous in this. She's singing about her ex and how he just seems to have forgotten the relationship and gone back to the way he was before they ever dated. It's questioning and a little sad.

"Some days I still feel the same and my love it still remains, wish I could start a fire in the pouring rain."

8. My Oh My

A bit darker than most of the album. Along the same lines as 'Quit You', but totally different feel. A relationship that is broken up but the guy keeps coming back and sucking her into it. She can't understand why she can't just stay away from him. Amen, sister.

"And I know that you're no good for me and it makes no sense at all. Still I keep coming back for more."

9. I Was Gonna Marry You

I really like the cadence of this song. It's another breakup song (poor girl), about not understanding why he got out of their very serious relationship.

"I gotta stay as far away as I can get cause a part of me hasn't left."

10. Glass Jar

Another song very similar to Never Say Never about a guy who just doesn't seem to acknowledge that they were ever together. Very delicate and pretty and sad. 

"You got the whole world watching and everyone's attention. Turn your head and you never even mention us."

11. Deepest Ocean Blue

Second Chance, only written from her perspective about wanting a man she broke it off with. Probably because it's from her perspective, it's much nicer and sadder. Very regretful and apologetic. 

"You were a match and I was gasoline and I was sure you'd be the end of me. So I killed the flame and walked away."

12. Come Clean

This is a different perspective, but given the rest of the album, probably also about leaving a relationship. The lyrics talk about being able to let things go in a positive way. 

"When it comes, let it pass. Let the first rain of the season wash away our past. I know, I know that we can."

13. Bad Drug

In the same lines of Quit You, but dark. I think this is about the addictive nature of some relationships and how hard it is to shake needing someone. 

"Give it to me in the morning, by the evening know I'll need it again."

It's just such a killer album. Even if it sounds negative, it really isn't. You can't help but sing along to this one - check it out!!

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