Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enforced Healthy Snacking - Riceworks Rice Crisps

I have a weird relationship with food. Growing up, my self-employed mom worked a lot, so dinner was generally convenience food. We avoided meal times at my grandparents' because neither of my grandmothers could cook. I'm sure it can't be true, but all I remember eating through high school was sugar cereal, dry pasta, and pizza from the local pizza place. Shockingly, I was not a whale. Good genetics, I guess.

For all that I now love food and adore cooking, I'm not sure my actual eating habits have really gotten any better. How I eat at home is one thing. But at my desk job, I'm kind of brutal. I use caffeine to help me concentrate on spreadsheets and I crave salt all the time.

Strangely, Tim has a weird anti-chips prejudice. His favourite snack food is tortillas and salsa, but actual chips are another story. As I understand it, his one ex would eat her way through an entire bag of chips in a sitting (not that I'm judging, give me a bag of Miss Vickie's and just let me go) and it was a point of contention in their relationship. Chips are now some sort of special area of disgust for him.

As much as I love chips, this is still a step up from MY ex, who hated cheese. I should have known that relationship would never work.

In Tim's well-intentioned, neurotic world, he will not buy me chips. Instead, he came home the other day all triumphant, pulling two bags of Riceworks Rice Crisps out of the shopping bags.

He had bought a bag of the sea salt and a bag of sweet chili. Since I tend to like my chips unflavoured best, I took the sea salt ones to work first. I was seriously underwhelmed by these. They were only mildly salty and the rice texture didn't really work for me. It was something like breeding a rice cake and a tortilla chip, with the flavour leaning more towards the rice cake. 

Because I wasn't hugely fond of the first bag, it took me a few weeks to venture into the sweet chili bag. I wish I had tried this one first!! These things are so addictive! The texture is still the same, but the seasoning is awesome. Just a little hot. More savoury and salty. They're delicious. Even my boss, who generally shies away from anything even remotely "healthy," could not stop eating these. I think I'm going to have to try some other flavours now!! 

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